As an electric vehicle that can be benchmarked with Tesla Model 3, the polestar 2 from Volvo and Geely has attracted many consumers’ attention since its release. In the past few days, the car owners in Europe could not continue to have serious driving problems. After an official investigation, it was found that the fault was caused by a software error. For this reason, Jixing 2, which was just delivered in Europe in July, experienced a major rollover as soon as it was put on the market. All models sold were recalled, involving 2200 vehicles delivered. Now, Jixing 2, which has been delivered in China, has also begun to be recalled by the government. Recently, Zhejiang Haoqing Automobile Manufacturing Co., Ltd. authorized and entrusted Jixing Automobile Sales Co., Ltd. to file the recall plan with the State Administration of market supervision and administration. < / P > < p > it is decided to recall 110 pure electric vehicles produced from December 25, 2019 to September 8, 2020, with a total of 110 domestic Jixing 2 first release vehicles manufactured from December 25, 2019 to September 8, 2020. < / P > < p > for some vehicles within the scope of this recall, the power battery energy control module (BECM) software has internal logic problems, which may cause the electronic control unit (ECU) to reset intermittently. When this happens, the high-voltage system will be disconnected, which may lead to the loss of power during vehicle driving, and there is a potential safety hazard. < p > < p > Jixing Automobile Sales Co., Ltd. will upgrade the power battery energy control module software free of charge for the vehicles within the scope of recall, so as to eliminate potential safety hazards. < / P > < p > according to Tianyan information, polar star is 100% owned by Beichen automobile (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., and Geely and Volvo respectively hold 50% shares of Beichen automobile. < / P > < p > at the same time, polestar 2 started production in Taizhou plant in China this year, and sold in China, Europe and the United States. As an export vehicle, polestar 2 is sold in various overseas sales markets. < / P > < p > the price of the car has been announced on April 12, 2019. There are two versions, the basic version and the first version. The manufacturer’s guidance price is 298000 yuan and 418000 yuan respectively. Privacy Policy