To turn on navigation, just search for where you want to go in search. If a map appears in the search results, press the new directions button, or navigate to the Map tab and press route on the sidebar. < / P > < p > after pressing “route”, the map will show the user a new sidebar to select the way to travel, the start of the route and the destination. Once this information is provided to the map, it provides different routes – including the duration of the journey and the distance of the route. Users can expand these route options by pressing “show steps”, which will show detailed instructions on how to complete the journey. < / P > < p > privacy has always been a core part of duckduckgo, and its map service is no exception. “As with all our search functions, your privacy remains protected when using these instructions due to our strict privacy policy that does not collect or share any personal information,” duckduckgo said in a statement. In location related search, your browser sends location information. We isolate it from any personal information sent by the browser and discard it after use, so that we can provide anonymous localized results and functions. Our help page has more details about how we keep location search privacy. ” < / P > < p > although duckduckgo’s new map navigation is quite basic compared with other mapping tools, it is expected to expand to include public transport schedules and bicycle routes in the future. Still, for duckduckgo users, this mapping feature can come in handy if they want to get a glimpse of how long their journey might take. [image] Google secretly tests 6GHz networks in 17 states of the United States