On the afternoon of November 5, DxOMark, an image quality assessment company, announced a new benchmark for testing the sound quality of wireless speakers, DxOMark speaker. According to officials, the score is a collection of hundreds of test results, which DxOMark calls “the only scientific score for speakers.”. < / P > < p > since 2008, DxOMark has launched a variety of evaluation benchmarks, including camera, smartphone rear lens, smartphone self timer, etc. In 2018, DxOMark began to conduct audio testing and launched its first smartphone audio benchmark the following year. Today, with the attention of mobile phone manufacturers to aiot devices, DxOMark is gradually expanding its business. < / P > < p > like the methodology of smart phone audio test, DxOMark’s wireless speaker sound quality test method is divided into objective test and perception test. Among them, the objective test will be conducted in three audio laboratories, using professional equipment to record the speaker output; while the perception test is more focused on the experience in the real life scene. Therefore, doxmark designs an apartment to simulate the real life environment. In the end, the score of the speaker synthesizes the scores of five attributes: timbre, spatial sense, intensity, volume and sound loss, which are further subdivided into several sub items. < / P > < p > it should be noted that the tested products have the function of wireless audio connection, that is, wireless speakers. And DxOMark only tests the performance of a single device, and does not test them as a stereo. DxOMark believes that excellent wireless speakers can present good sound quality in all situations, whether it’s playing music in the living room or playing recipes in the kitchen. This is one of the reasons why DxOMark introduced sensory testing in real scenes. At present, dxmomark focuses on the sound quality of wireless speakers and does not involve voice assistant. In addition, in order to better test the quality of music played by speakers, DxOMark has cooperated with many professional musicians and music studios to customize various types of music clips. These clips cover electronic music, jazz, pop music, classical music, hip-hop music and other types. < / P > < p > currently, DxOMark has released scores for wireless speaker tests between less than 200 euro (about 1565 yuan) and 200-500 euro (about 1565 yuan to 3913 yuan). In the future, the company will also launch a wireless speaker quality ranking with a price of more than 500 euro (RMB 4000 yuan or more). Although the price range is different, these products will pass the same test. After the launch of the new benchmark, DxOMark released a comprehensive score of 113 points for Apple’s homepod speakers, which ranked lower in its wireless speaker ranking. According to the DxOMark report, homepod has the advantage of overcoming all difficult acoustic environments, creating 360 degree surround sound, clear treble, and striking impact at soft and nominal volume. However, its disadvantages lie in obvious distortion and resonance at the bass end; the mid frequency is not consistent; and the maximum volume is not as good as the competitive products. More Samsung devices can now run Android applications on PC through your phone