Over the years, a large number of games have been dominated by men, not women, according to foreign media. But for the first time this year, you see that there is little difference between women and men in the role of leading roles in the game. Does this mark a more inclusive and gender diverse future for the video game industry? Recently, feminist frequency made an annual analysis of E3 game announcements, which focused on the differences between male, female and gender ambiguous or non binary game protagonists. It is understood that the tracking data since 2015 show that the main players of the game are usually male. And this year, something unusual has happened: about 18 percent of video games are dominated by playable female characters, a ratio much higher than in previous years, and closer to the male (23 percent) than ever before. The report shows: “the new generation of game consoles will bring about significant changes, and Sony’s influence in the game industry is huge. PS4 has more than twice the sales of xboxone, which competes with Microsoft in its lifetime, so if it does reflect the bigger strategy of game maker, its impact may be significant in the next few years. ” But feminist frequency is not sure if this positive change will continue, but the results of 2020 look promising. This year’s data may be one-off anomalies or signs of lasting change. It is said that “gta5” will be launched on Google cloud game platform stadia