EA will acquire Codemasters, a famous racing game developer. Of the 76 shareholders, 63 approved EA’s $1.2 billion bid, and they hold approximately 99% of Codemasters’ total shares.

Currently, the German and Austrian competition regulators have stamped the transaction, and a court hearing will be held on February 16. If there are no problems, the EA will complete the transaction before the end of spring. Then, Codemasters will become part of a new subsidiary called Codex Games.

Codemasters owns well-known racing games such as “F1”, “Dust”, “Super Touring Car” and “OnRush”. In November last year, Take-Two, the parent company of R Star, also tried to acquire Codemasters at a bid of $1 billion, but EA subsequently raised its bid and eventually won the acquisition.

EA officially stated that after acquiring Codemasters, a racing game will be launched every year.