In addition to the not high-end snapdragon 765 chipset, the pixel 5 smart machine just released in late September also caused many early users to worry about the quality of its workmanship. Although there is no software optimization, display problems or touch faults, the flaws between Pixel 5 screen and metal frame make complaints about Tucao. < / P > < p > in view of the fact that pixel 5 has just started shipping, there are relatively few and different reports of known physical defects. However, as Android police points out, the number of reports has been increasing, leading many potential consumers to worry that such problems will become extremely common. < / P > < p > take the gap between the screen glass and the metal middle frame as an example, the photos we sun out are not concentrated in one place. Although most of the time it’s on the side of the camera, Google isn’t the first to launch a smartphone with a perforated screen. The long-term durability of pixel 5 like < / P > < p > is doubted. After all, any unexpected opening is difficult to block the accidental entry of liquid, dust and even small particles, which makes the ipxx protection level of the equipment virtually nonexistent. Unfortunately, Google has so far been silent on these complaints, making it difficult to know exactly how much of the device has been affected. < / P > < p > in addition, the pixel x XL model a few months ago also encountered similar screen glass problems, which makes us suspect that Google’s quality control of pixel smart phones is basically in a state of laissez faire. Privacy Policy