According to the information of WeChat public, the lunar exploration mission and the Aerospace Engineering Center, China’s first Mars exploration mission, Tian Q 1, is currently in good condition, with energy balance and normal working conditions, timely acquisition and tracking of ground control and acquisition, official account of flight control and data reception, and smooth implementation of various works. The probe has been out of the influence of the earth’s gravity and entered the interplanetary transfer orbit, flying more than 1.5 million kilometers from the earth.

on July 27, the tianwen-1 probe looked back at the earth about 1.2 million kilometers away from the earth, imaged the earth and the moon with optical navigation sensors, and obtained a clear image of the moon and the moon. In this black-and-white group photo, the earth and the moon, one big and one small, are crescent shaped, reflecting each other in the vast universe.

the above picture shows the Earth Moon group photo taken by tianwen-1 probe at a distance of 1.2 million kilometers from the earth on July 27, 2020. Source: WeChat official account for lunar exploration and Aerospace Engineering Center