For decades, waiting for a game to download or install has been one of the last images players want to see. Many companies have been working to alleviate or solve this problem for many years, and EA is obviously one of them. Recently, EA submitted a new patent, which was approved on February 16. The patent implies that EA will use streaming technology to eliminate the start-up waiting time of new games.


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The working principle of the patent is as follows: when a user tries to start a game that he has not installed before, the server will stream the game to the user’s device immediately after receiving the request. If the server determines that the resources available to the local device are sufficient to allow users to download streaming games at the same time, the server will start the download. Once the download is complete, the server seamlessly switches the control of the game from the streaming version on the server to the local version. This allows the user to start the game immediately without having to wait for download and installation.

In short, when a user starts a game that is not installed, he first runs the cloud game version and downloads the game in the background. After the game download is completed, he seamlessly switches to the local version.

At present, we don’t know whether this patent can effectively alleviate the problem of players waiting to download and install. After all, the demand for downloading while streaming is very high. In areas with unstable network connection, the effect of this patent may be very limited. But anyway, this at least shows that EA is actively looking for ways to reduce the waiting time of players.