Playing “destroyer” on special devices has become a very interesting theme, such as playing FPS “destroyer” with pregnancy test stick and potato not long ago. Thanks to Microsoft’s XGP and its recent addition to “destroyer: eternity,” players are now able to run this latest “destroyer” production on more platforms, even on a refrigerator. < / P > < p > with Microsoft’s xcloud cloud game service, players can play games in the library through Android devices. This video is from player Richard mallard, who runs “destroyer: Eternity” on his Samsung smart refrigerator. Through Samsung smart view software, he mapped the media content on his mobile phone (Samsung Galaxy fold 2) to the display screen of the refrigerator. < / P > < p > Richard mallard shows not only “destroyer: Eternity”, but also Ninja frogs, my world: dungeons, horizon 4, etc. Richard mallard said that there would be a little delay in playing games like this, but on the other hand, eating, drinking and playing is a perfect combination. Google said the proposed media negotiation rules would put its free services in Australia at “risk”

By ibmwl