According to foreign media reports, Mercedes has turned its EQC electric SUV into a more interesting thing — a real off-road beast electric vehicle, which implies the brand’s future extreme models. It is understood that Mercedes Benz EQC 4 × 4? Has learned from the core technology of EQC 400 4matic. In fact, the riding height of 293 mm is more than twice that of EQC. < / P > < p > this car not only has the ability to move easily on larger rocks, but also has improved ability in other places. For example, the current wading depth is 15.75 inches, almost 6 inches more than the conventional EQC. The approach angle is now 31.8 degrees and the departure angle is 33 degrees. At the same time, electrification has brought dividends in other areas. Mercedes said the electric precision, which can accurately adjust the amount of torque, could help improve the traction control system. The torque curve is also improved on loose ground by adding targeted tapping brake. < / P > < p > the big wheels certainly help the car’s off-road ability – and 285 / 50R 20 tires, because they increase grip. < / P > < p > sounds the same. Just as the regular EQC has a noise generator to remind pedestrians that there is a quiet electric car near the place, the EQC 4 × 4? Power supply can also make its own soundtrack. But Mercedes says it has more power and uses its headlights as an external speaker. They play a combination of tones produced by the real-time position of the accelerator, the speed of the SUV, and the energy recovery rate. < / P > < p > unfortunately, this is just a “drivability study,” Mercedes said, with the aim of proving that its electric range may be environmentally friendly but not necessarily boring. The EQ series is part of the automaker’s aggressive use of electric vehicles, with two new platforms to be launched in the next few years, one for large electric vehicles and the other for small and medium-sized vehicles. Didi Qingju bicycle has entered 150 cities