Some time ago, a new force brand of car making has been exposed one after another, and “three burning” has been staged for half a month, which has aroused the attention of many consumers and repeatedly stirred the public’s nerves about the safety of electric vehicles. In addition, after the Spontaneous Combustion Accident of the vehicle, the manufacturer preliminarily determined that the vehicle spontaneous combustion was caused by the power battery, and put forward the plan of replacing the high-quality power battery of Ningde era immediately. < / P > < p > it can also be seen that the safety of the power battery is of great significance to the safety of the whole vehicle. When we buy a car, how can we know which company’s power battery is carried in the car besides listening to the sales staff’s propaganda? After all, there is a car with several brands of batteries. < p > < p > according to the official definition, the “automobile certificate” refers to the factory certificate of the whole vehicle, which is the certification document printed by the motor vehicle manufacturer and distributed with the vehicle, indicating the model, test data and configuration information. < p > < p > take the quality certificate of Great Wall Euler R1 as an example, which states “energy storage device manufacturer: Ningde times (monomer), honeycomb energy technology (assembly)”. < / P > < p > at present, many domestic automobile enterprises, including Tesla, use the battery cells provided by professional manufacturers of purchased batteries to manufacture their own pack battery packs. < / P > < p > however, some vehicle certification does not specify the manufacturer of battery monomer, such as Tesla, which is not friendly to consumers and battery suppliers. < p > < p > because they are not professionals in the industry, many ordinary consumers do not know that the Ministry of industry and information technology has a “information query system for road motor vehicle manufacturers and products” (click here to jump to the query website). < / P > < p > among them, on the declaration information page of the vehicle, you can see the types of energy storage devices of the vehicle, including lithium ternary battery, lithium iron phosphate battery or other batteries. < / P > < p > in the energy storage device manufacturing enterprises, through the “monomer”, that is, the battery cell project, we can know the vehicle power battery and the manufacturer of the vehicle. < / P > < p > however, it is worth noting that not all car companies will disclose in the information filed by the Ministry of industry and information technology of which enterprise’s battery cell is carried by their vehicles. SpaceX beat blue origin and Northrop Grumman to win a $316 million air force contract