A few days ago, Detroit electronic music artist Matthew dear integrated the futuristic electronic sound wave of Ford’s first pure electric intelligent SUV Mustang mach-e into music and composed a song. He also launched a new electric music single “new breed” < / P > < p > as the world’s first pure electric intelligent SUV, Mustang All aspects of the mach-e have been carefully designed and tuned, and so is the sound. Mustang mach-e is inspired by the classic sci-fi movies of the 1980s. It is customized by Ford sound designer and ozone sound recording studio to provide the most suitable simulation sound effects for different driving modes. < / P > < p > “I always think of myself as a” voice player “who is full of creative desire for all special sounds. When I heard Ford’s customized electronic soundwave for Mustang mach-e, I was immediately overwhelmed by its sci-fi sound effects, “says dear.” I think Mustang mach-e’s sound wave has a very modern feel. So I immediately got the idea of mixing it. The process of making “new breed” was a new experience for me. I think this song, like Mustang mach-e, can bring people a pleasant journey. ” < p > < p > ever since its birth, Ford Mustang has been a favorite in the music world, and has been influencing the creation of pop songs since the second half of the 20th century. With the birth of new breed, Mustang mach-e, as the newest member of Mustang family, not only inherits and pays homage to Mustang’s music DNA, but also injects music inspiration into Mustang in the new era. Global Tech