According to the details previously released by Microsoft, “Empire time 3: the final version” will be officially released on October 16, but some players have seen in advance that Microsoft has “scrambled” the game in their own stores. From the details of the rush, the price of Empire time 3: the final edition is about 77 yuan. Steam’s pre-sale price was 99 yuan, which supports simplified Chinese. Times of Empire 3: the definitive edition is much better than the original in terms of screen performance after being re produced in 4K UHD. Maybe you don’t think there is such a big gap when you enjoy the long-distance overlooking angle, but if you pull in to see the details of the building and the characters, you can find more progress in details. < / P > < p > previously, the government also compared some of the buildings and animal models of the original game with Empire age 3: the decisive version. With the increase of polygon number and shadow effect, not to mention the game scene is more pleasant, even the animals have become more lovely. < / P > < p > in addition, the game has more amazing features in the details of the model, such as the face of the character model has changed from fuzzy to visible, the number of polygons has increased, the naked eye can see it, and the texture has also made great progress. It is reported that Empire time 3: decision will provide 4K quality original music with full reproduction. It also has two new game modes: historical campaign and war art challenge task, including all the expansion packages and all 14 civilizations launched before, plus two new civilizations of Sweden and Inca. < / P > < p > go online immediately to challenge other players, play across the network in the updated online multiplayer game, and enjoy modern game functions such as warfighter mode and module support. Epic Games accused Google of monopolizing the latter, which may have a better chance than apple