Staff should update the license plate no matter whether they use the new parking lot or not. < / P > < p > in fact, it is understandable that car companies require parking lots only for their own brand models. However, it is rare for joint venture brands like SAIC Volkswagen, and this is the first time that SAIC Volkswagen has issued such a regulation. Of course, the regulations that are not friendly to employees will certainly make many employees dissatisfied. In its brand post bar, it is easy to find many employees and tear them online. In this regard, many netizens believe that SAIC Volkswagen’s sales volume has continued to decline in recent years, and the regulations on restricting other brand models and banning parking lots are adopted. However, this is contrary to SAIC Volkswagen’s diversified corporate culture as a joint venture brand. Netizens interpreted that it seems that SAIC Volkswagen is indeed at the critical moment of crisis, otherwise it will not issue such regulations. < / P > < p > in addition, some netizens think that some time ago, SAIC Volkswagen’s vehicles were publicized on the Internet, and they began to offer discounts to employees. The discount range was quite high, and they made money by buying them. Even some employees began to resell SAIC Volkswagen’s internal car purchase qualification. < p > < p > of course, no matter whether SAIC Volkswagen is in order to clear the inventory and increase sales volume, as a result, the freedom of employees to buy cars is indeed limited, and it is reasonable to cause criticism from employees. What do you think of this? Global Tech