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has been returning to China for the first time, and apple has started offering high bonuses to its US employees, which amount to $500 a day. The employees were first quarantined when they arrived in Shanghai. According to reports, Apple has begun to lift previous travel restrictions. Previously, Apple employees could no longer fly to China because of the outbreak. But since October, Apple has been paying $500 a day to American volunteers sent to and working in China. < p > < p > Apple initially sent a number of us employees to China in the summer. Then in September, the company sent e-mails to manufacturing and designers about new travel plans, and began sending people to China in October. According to people familiar with the matter, US staff going to China are now required to stay for at least six weeks. Previously, staff members might have made multiple 10 day trips, but now they need to be extended because the first two weeks have to be isolated. Novel coronavirus pneumonia tests and health checks are required for

employees before they leave for China. On arrival in China, the men will go to a designated isolation Hotel arranged by the Shanghai municipal government. < / P > < p > after isolation, they can move to a more upscale hotel. It is reported that, as before the outbreak, the apple workers are now living in Marriott and Park Hyatt Hotels. Apple has yet to comment publicly. Global Tech