The electric pressure cooker with Chinese cooking characteristics is loved by many consumers. Its annual sales volume is about 20 million sets, and its scale is close to the annual sales volume of electric rice cooker. As a common cooking equipment in daily life, the energy-saving technology progress of electric pressure cooker is of great significance. Therefore, China Institute of standardization led mainstream enterprises to jointly draft the mandatory national standard GB 39177-2020 energy efficiency limits and energy efficiency grades for electric pressure cooker. The standard was issued on July 23, 2020 and will be formally implemented from August 1, 2021. < / P > < p > in recent years, with the continuous change of consumer demand, there has been a micro pressure cooker in the industry. There is also a process of pressure rise in the cooking process, but the maintenance time is relatively short. There has been a discussion about whether the micro pressure cooker belongs to the electric pressure cooker. Therefore, the standard of energy efficiency limit value and energy efficiency grade of electric pressure cooker is clear. The standard is applicable to the electric pressure cooker heated by electric heating element or electromagnetic induction, with rated power no more than 2000W, rated volume no more than 10L and rated cooking pressure of 40kpa ~ 140kpa (gauge pressure). That is to say, the lower limit of rated cooking pressure for electric pressure cooker is 40kpa. < / P > < p > the standard specifies the energy efficiency grade, energy efficiency limit value and test method of electric pressure cooker. “Electrical” reporter learned that the drafting cycle of the standard of “energy efficiency limit value and energy efficiency grade of electric pressure cooker” is very long, and the process is full of twists and turns. The standard was drafted in 2013 and started to be drafted in 2015. The reason why the formulation time is so long is that in the past few years, the standard drafting group has discussed and overturned the energy efficiency test and calculation method of electric pressure cooker for many times. When reviewing the drafting of the standard, Yang Xingguo, chief engineer of Midea household appliance development, said frankly that the process from 0 to 1 was “very difficult”. Because the standard is first formulated, there is no standard and data for reference. Before the standard was formulated, the thermal efficiency method was used in the energy efficiency test and calculation method of electric pressure cooker in the industry. However, the working principle of electric pressure cooker cooking is to produce high temperature through high pressure, and maintain high temperature for a certain period of time in the pressure maintaining process, so as to quickly cook and cook food. However, the thermal efficiency method obviously can not reflect the characteristics of the electric pressure cooker. Therefore, the standard drafting group focused on the energy efficiency test and calculation method. At first, the standard drafting group thought that the test method of refrigerator energy efficiency standard could be used for reference. According to the drafter of a standard, refrigerators and electric pressure cookers should keep the internal temperature of products to a certain level when they are running, but the former is to keep low temperature, while the latter is to keep high temperature. After 2-3 years of testing and verification, it is found that the test method is not suitable for electric pressure cooker products, so it is denied. After research and testing, the drafting group put forward other schemes, including energy efficiency index method, pressure maintaining and heat preservation method. The specific heat method was used to calculate the energy efficiency of electric pressure cooker, but they were all rejected because they were not the best scheme. Finally, the drafting group decided to test the temperature of water and steam in the boiler during the process of heating up and pressure increasing and pressure maintaining, and calculate the energy efficiency of the electric pressure cooker with enthalpy value. In this test method, the test focuses on power consumption, insulation energy consumption and standby power. < / P > < p > according to the above test method, the energy efficiency grade of electric pressure cooker is divided into 3 levels (see Table 1), among which grade 1 is the highest. The insulation energy consumption (if applicable), standby power (if applicable) and energy efficiency value of each grade of products shall not be lower than those specified in Table 1. < p > < p > in fact, the drafting of the standard of energy efficiency limit value and energy efficiency grade for electric pressure cooker has attracted great attention in the industry. In addition to Midea, Jiuyang, Supor and other mainstream brands are all involved in the standard formulation, Guangdong Shunde electric pressure cooker alliance, which includes many small and medium-sized brands, has been paying close attention to the development of the standard. Although it is the first time to formulate the energy efficiency requirements, the drafting group still set high energy efficiency requirements for the long-term development of the industry. The person in charge of a mainstream brand of an electric pressure cooker said that according to the bottom of the situation, all the products sold by enterprises were substandard. After the implementation of the standard, high-energy consumption products would be eliminated and the energy efficiency entry threshold would be improved. < p > < p > < p > the reporter of electrical appliances learned from the side that in 2019, the standard drafting group conducted a thorough test and data survey on various enterprises, and found that about 12% of the products could not meet the standard requirements, and only about 1% of the products could reach the energy efficiency level 1. It can be seen that the formal implementation of the standard will certainly promote the improvement of energy efficiency of electric pressure cooker products, thus promoting the progress of energy-saving technology of products. “In particular, the standard will promote the improvement of sealing performance of electric pressure cooker products,” said an industry source He also said that in the past, there was no standard constraint, and many electric pressure cooker enterprises did not pay attention to the sealing performance of products, which is an important reason for the low energy efficiency of products. More Samsung devices can now run Android applications on PC through your phone