Gogoro has just announced that it has launched the eeyo 1s smart E-bike in France today. In addition, another eeyo 1 model will also be launched in France, Belgium, Monaco, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Czech and other EU markets in the next few months. Consumers in France can choose from FNAC, darty or les cyclestes branch é s in Paris. The price of eeyo 1 and eeyo 1s, including tax, is 4699 / 4599 euro (about 31629 / 30955 RMB). < / P > < p > both models adopt carbon fiber frame and front fork, but the seat bar, handlebar and rim of eeyo 1s are also upgraded to carbon fiber (eeyo 1s is made of aluminum alloy). < / P > < p > before entering the EU market, gogoro was the first to be sold in the US market. Earlier, the company also introduced a battery swappable smartscooters electric scooter. < p > < p > the key technology of eeyo is the smartwheel hub integrated with motor, battery, sensor and intelligent connection technology, which can be easily paired with smart machine app. Horace Luke, co-founder and CEO of gogoro, said in an earlier interview that although the company had planned for the launch of new cars long before the covid-19 epidemic, the global health crisis has promoted steady growth in product sales. Spontaneous combustion at a Guangzhou Motor vehicle intersection and other traffic lights in Shenzhen