“Call of duty” series players can always say a way on their favorite things. Your favorite gun, your favorite location in the theater, your favorite map, you can make a selection for each item. There are many maps in call of duty 16: modern war, and every map can find its own loyal fans. < / P > < p > and one of the maps has a large fan base, which is the port. The fast-paced design of this diagram enables players to achieve crazy quick killing in the game, which greatly improves the popularity of the game. Every time IW changes its game list, someone will ask, “where’s the port?” until “the port finally comes back.”. Now, jpyn21, a player who loves the map, has made a 3D print version of it. < / P > < p > I don’t know how the port will exist in “call of duty 17: black action – Cold War”. Yesterday, we reported that the new Zombie mode will be exclusive for one year when the PS platform is capped. I hope that maps like ports will not get similar treatment. Global Tech