Despite using the same platform as the polestar 2, the EPA certified range of the Volvo xc40 recharge all electric SUV is only 208 miles (about 335 km). The news, announced on Tuesday, is really hard for many fans to understand. In particular, recharge has a larger 78 kwh battery and the same power transfer system as the polestar 2. < / P > < p > foreign media speculated that the biggest reason for the shrinkage of endurance was the xc40’s body shape. After all, as a pure electric SUV, its shape is not as slick as the polestar 2 or Tesla Model y. However, judging from the estimated mileage of EPA alone, it is still impossible to attribute 11% of the difference in endurance to the drag parameters. In the case of the Porsche taycan, some reviews suggest that the actual road test may yield better results. < / P > < p > however, even if the actual range exceeds 208 miles (about 335km), it is difficult for customers who focus on long-distance experience to be interested in the cost performance of xc40 recharge (all 2020 Chevrolet bolts have 259 miles / 417 km). Global Tech

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