According to foreign media reports, Apple’s alleged theft was again opposed by the game developer in its lawsuit against apple over the app store rules. In the ongoing legal battle between epic and apple over fortress night and the profits of the app store, the latest document shows that epic is innocent of Apple’s accusation that it failed to fulfill its contractual commitments. It is understood that this lawsuit involves many topics, but it mainly comes down to whether epic should be allowed to bypass the app store’s trading system and collect payment related to IOS games through its own payment mechanism. According to Apple’s request, applications such as fortress night must use its company’s payment system. After epic refused to comply with the rules, apple removed fortress night from the app store, triggering a lawsuit from epic and triggering the whole incident. < / P > < p > so far, Apple has insisted that its actions were for legitimate business reasons, including threats to close developer accounts associated with unreal engine. However, the paper submitted by epic on Friday rejected Apple’s claim that its blatant disregard of its contractual commitments and other misconduct had caused significant damage to apple. According to the verge, epic responded by saying that its actions were “far from the infringement – and even the so-called criminal acts” described by apple. “Simply put, epic did not” steal “anything belonging to apple. Epic can’t and will not “steal” revenue from the sale of its own creative products. Epic has not hindered any potential economic advantages Apple has gained from Fort night users and their interest in Fort night. ” < / P > < p > in this 20 page document, epic compares apple to the epic agent in the app store transaction, but Apple itself is not a party to a sales contract or user agreement as far as the legal documents of iTunes are concerned. < / P > < p > following the latest hearing on the matter on September 28, the lawsuit will enter a full trial stage, which is expected to take place sometime in July 2021. Judge Yvonne Gonzalez Rogers set a deadline for submitting data for the trial, but while Rogers said the case should be tried by a jury, apple and epic agreed that the decision should be made by the court itself rather than by the public. Global Tech