Epic Games, Apple’s controversial fortress night developer, is warning IOS players that they may lose access to the popular big escape game when they update to IOS 14. &Quot; Fort night IOS players who update to IOS 14 may lose it, the official twitter account wrote in a tweet on Wednesday. &If you accept & ා 39; temporarily remove apps to install software updates? &Quote;, which may result in the deletion of Fortress night. Because Apple prevented users from doing so, fortress night could not be re installed in the future. &Quot; < / P > < p > Apple lets people choose to temporarily delete applications, making room for significant IOS update capacity. However, since fortress night has been kicked out of the Apple App store, people who have installed the app may not be able to download the game again if the app is deleted to make room for IOS 14. Epic suggests that people should press the Cancel button, then go to settings & gt; general & gt; iPhone storage to free up space, and then install. < / P > < p > Apple and Epic Games, the developer of Fortress night, are in an open legal battle. Fortress night was kicked out of Apple’s app store and Google play store in August after epic tried to bypass apple and Google to charge developers 30 percent. Epic fought back by filing lawsuits against the two companies. Chinese version of K-car: reading a10e design drawing exposure