A new report shows that an EU agency has trained law enforcement agencies on how to monitor iPhones, which extends to officials in countries with a history of human rights violations. As the European Union has been pressing apple on privacy issues in coronavirus tracking, it is reported that an EU agency has been training officials on how to monitor iPhone users. Privacy International claims that such training has been conducted globally, at least sometimes by funds from the European Union aimed at providing assistance. It also said it had evidence that non EU countries had also received such training, including those with a poor human rights record. Edin, publicity director of Privacy International Omanovic) told Forbes that today’s disclosure confirms our most serious concerns about the transfer and securitization of EU aid, which may be counterproductive rather than helping those threatened by surveillance agencies, including activists, journalists and those seeking only a better life. As the world’s largest provider of aid and a powerful force for change, the EU must urgently reform these secret and unacceptable programs. If it does not, it will not only betray the purpose and object of aid, but also betray the EU’s own values. &Privacy International said it had obtained documents including training presentation slides from cepol, the EU law enforcement training agency. The slide shows how to use graykey to enter the iPhone, as well as the instructions for users to use these malicious devices. The EU has yet to comment on the Privacy International report and its letter of recommendation. However, according to politico, the European Union has revealed this week that it will tighten regulations on sales monitoring technology. Didi Qingju bicycle has entered 150 cities