Recently, euroconsumers, a consumer rights group in Europe, wanted iPhone 6, 6 plus, 6S and 6S plus users to get 60 euros (US $72) per person from apple for deliberately slowing down its speed. Previously, apple lowered the performance of a series of iPhones through IOS updates to prevent accidental shutdown caused by battery degradation. However, apple didn’t make it clear at the time, so many iPhone users thought Apple was deliberately slowing down their devices, while others bought new devices to improve performance. < / P > < p > now, euroconsumers is seeking compensation for European customers affected by this performance throttling, and points out that there are similar cases in the United States, and apple finally settled for $500 million. A euroconsumers spokesman said: & quot; we want the same fairness and respect as American consumers. &Interestingly, consumer regulators say they are now taking the dispute to court because of the failure of direct negotiations with apple. < / P > < p > Apple initially offered discounted battery replacement services for devices affected by performance throttling, and the company updated its IOS system to provide more information on the health of each iPhone Battery. Apple said the performance management feature is unique to the iPhone and does not apply to any other Apple product. Starting with IOS 12.1, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 plus, and iPhone x include this feature; starting with IOS 13.1, iPhone XS, iPhone XS max, and iPhone XR contain this feature. Due to the more advanced hardware and software design of these new models, the impact of performance management on them may not be obvious. Global Tech