EA Sports annual masterpiece FIFA 18 was officially launched in the world at the end of September. As the annual football game spanning the year of 2018 World Cup, EA has brought fans a shocking work of evolution. With the growth of the number of Chinese players, this work also adds support for simplified Chinese, which shows EA’s attention to domestic players. Even if it’s just a new year’s game, FIFA 18 can easily bring fans and players together and shuttle between real games and fantasy games.

Game information:

Developer: EA Canada & amp; Romania

Publisher: EA Sports

Offering date: September 29, 2017

Platform: windows, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox one, Nintendo switch

Super luxury version, 5 game rental cards for Ronaldo and Ronaldo

FIFA 18 (hereinafter referred to as FIFA) is the second work created by frost bite engine. The pitch environment and player details brought by frost engine make players feel unprecedented reality. From the roar of the fans at the side of the stadium to the sweat of the players on the field, it is difficult for people who are not familiar with FIFA to tell whether it is a game or a real game picture in a moment.

At the same time, EA’s in-depth cooperation with the Premier League of commercial development in the past two years also gives the game more real elements. The billboard, game broadcast, referee’s clothing and the Premier League’s best of the month trophy all have EA’s shadow. So, with the further cooperation with the world’s top leagues, what kind of surprise does this FIFA bring?

Premier League player of the month MANET holds EA Sports Player of the month trophy

Absolute superstar: more than one Ronaldo!

Who is Ronaldo? Maybe the fans after 2000 will not hesitate to point to the Portuguese Ronaldo, and the Post-70s, 80s and even 90s all know that there is another: Brazilian legend, alien Ronaldo.

Ronaldo, who has retired for many years, is back! Like Ronaldo, as the cover spokesman of different versions of FIFA 18, Ronaldo appears in FIFA’s ut mode. Not only that, Pele and Maradona, who were jokingly called “ancient gods” by fans, also joined the game. These people are already the most famous and influential football players on the planet, and the status of FIFA in the game can be imagined.

Maradona, Pele, Yassin, Ronaldo, Henry all appeared

The legendary star who had been monopolized by the Xbox platform was finally opened to the whole platform in 18. Playstation players no longer need to envy the so-called “legend monopoly” of Xbox. They can buy Ronaldo, Owen, Henry, Gullit, Yassin and other stars.

It’s not enough to have stars. EA has created three cards for each legendary star in different times, representing the ability and appearance of different times. For example, Ronaldo, who twice defeated the Chinese team in the 2002 World Cup finals, appeared in the game with the image of “Ah Fu head”. As today’s World Footballer of the year, Ronaldo not only has a perfect and handsome image, but also has EA’s unique recording of personal running action and shooting action. Ronaldo’s turn volley El tornado is also included in the game, allowing players to experience the world’s top stars 1:1 restore action.

The video of turning around and volleying was released by the official microblog of Real Madrid club where Ronaldo works

Immersive: TV or live game?

If the football game is composed of game, players, stadium, club and other elements, then the strongest visual impact of players in the game process is the game picture. In addition to the special effects brought by the frost engine, the broadcast images of the game are consistent with the real football game, which makes people feel as incredible as watching TV. As of October, the Premier League, La Liga, Bundesliga and Major League of America, the most real TV broadcast effect and League atmosphere, have appeared in the game.

As like as two peas in the FIFA, the TV show of the Premiership is shown in the same format.

When you choose a derby such as Real Madrid vs Atletico Madrid, the entrance ceremony, the direction of the camera and the announcement of the player list before the game will make you feel as excited as watching the game on TV. The distance between reality and illusion seems to disappear at this moment.

Real vs Atletico, Ronaldo vs glitzmann

Star return: famous tutor turns around for Hunter

People who have seen American dramas will catch up with each other once they are addicted to them, and the same is true of new year’s game. In the second season of the journey, Alex hunter, played by British actor adetomiwa edun, will appear on the screen together with legendary stars Henry and Ferdinand. This time, hunt rushed out of Europe, to the world, to Brazil, the United States and other places. As a nameless young player, standing next to the world’s legendary stars, what kind of plot will happen? Hunt has been selected into the national team last season. Will these famous mentors turn around for him and send him to the world cup? The answers are all revealed in star mode! (p.s。 Only Playstation 4, Xbox one and PC have this mode.)

Will Henry (right) take Hunt (left) to the world cup?

Compared with 17 and 18 hunter, you can customize your hair style and accessories

The ultimate team: create a unique top team

The ultimate team is the most popular and popular mode in FIFA today. No matter the technical experts, local tyrants or traders, they can play their strengths in this mode and build their own perfect top team.

As the krypton mode in FIFA, why do so many players flock to it? The 12000 green dot package of HK $799 (the currency used to buy the card package) can help players draw different player cards and form their favorite teams. This price has surpassed the super luxury version of the game, but many Chinese players still spend a lot of money. Why is it so attractive?

One of the spokesmen of Ali’s ut team

The answer is the constantly updated value cards of real players, with various playing methods and wonderful activities, so that more and more players (even European professional players) join the UT mode. After the end of the League every weekend, the team of the week (totw) will be launched in UT mode on Wednesday. Players can draw cards or trade to get these players, join their own lineup, and constantly improve the strength of their team to fight with other players. As the team lineup is constantly changing, the opponents and lineup that players encounter are always dynamically adjusted, which is naturally more exciting than the regular mode of the rich club or the national team.

In the 18, players can exchange for more advanced cards through SBC (lineup Building Challenge), but also add lineup challenges (square battles, commonly known as single weekly game). Because FIFA server is not in China, some players may be restricted by the network when they play online. However, as long as a single player can connect to EA network normally, it will not be affected by network delay. However, you can also get the same rewards as online weekly games, and get better player cards if you don’t get krypton gold.

On the right is the schematic diagram of the gold bag of rewards, and the actual rewards are more abundant