Nvme protocol hard disk is loved by the majority of computer users because of its small size and fast transmission speed. Although the traditional SATA hard disk is cheap, it still lags behind the nvme hard disk in performance. Now more and more notebook computers have supported nvme protocol hard disk, so as to obtain higher data transmission speed. Recently, the charging head network editor has got a nvme m.2 solid-state hard disk launched by Zhiti Zhitai. Let’s have a look. < / P > < p > the packaging of this solid-state drive made of titanium is simple and white. On the front of the package is the display of one end of the hard disk and the trend diagram of the circuit layout. In the lower left corner is the brand name and Series logo: pc005 active nvme m.2ssd SSD, with a maximum reading speed of 3500mb / s. In the upper right corner, we can see that the new 3dnand architecture, xtacking, is adopted. < p > < p > on the back is the specific information of the product: pc005 active SSD SSD, interface type m.2 (nvme protocol), with a 5-year warranty period. Here are three core advantages of xtacking, including faster I / O transmission speed, higher storage density, and improved R & D efficiency and shortened production cycle. < / P > < p > open the packing box directly and take out the inner liner. The transparent liner is wrapped in double layers. The titanium hard disk is placed on the card slot in the middle. There are additional clasps on both sides to facilitate taking out the product. < / P > < p > use the lightning 3 cable to connect the lightning interface on the hard disk box and MacBook Pro, and use the disk speed test to test the data transmission. < / P > < p > the actual measured write speed is 2823.3mb/s, and the read speed is 2802.5mb/s, which is the limit of lightning 3 interface transmission. To know that the data transmission bandwidth of lightning 3 interface is only 22gbps, that is, about 2750mb / s, so if we want to run at a higher speed, we have to continue to look. < / P > < p > let’s take a look at the performance of the transmission speed on the windows side. Install the hard disk on the motherboard, and then use the test software to measure the speed. < p > < p > after the test, the read speed of the development hard disk reached 3234.59mb/s, and the write speed was 2468.48mb/s, which was faster than that of lightning 3, and the 4K random write speed reached 151.52mb. < / P > < p > now, the m.2 SSD of nvme protocol is becoming more and more common on laptops. When many users choose to purchase new laptops, they will also pay attention to whether they can support self replacement of storage. In this way, they can choose a minimum storage version and replace a larger capacity hard disk for use. < / P > < p > the m.2 SSD made by Zhiti has 512gb of large memory, and adopts the sm2262 master of Huirong flagship level and the cache chip of nanya2007. Using the new self-developed 3dnand architecture: xtacking production technology, faster transmission speed, higher storage density, can improve the efficiency of research and development and shorten the production cycle. In addition, the hard disk of Zhiti also enjoys a five-year warranty, which can be used safely. Global Tech