As the world’s fastest running “king of super running”, Bugatti will get wide attention in the industry every time it introduces a car. Recently, according to foreign media reports, Buga has shelved the new overtaking plan, and the Volkswagen Group will conduct an annual investment review next month. And this also means that the fate of Bugatti’s brand-new model has a lot of fog. In response, Stephan Winkelmann, Bugatti’s chief executive, said: “Bugatti is discussing new models internally, but we have stopped this plan due to the outbreak of the new crown disease.” < / P > < p > in fact, for most car companies, chaopao brand is more like a face project. In addition to spending a lot of money on research and development, it may not make money or even make a large loss in the end. < p > < p > The Wall Street Bernstein company has done a research, and the huge R & D costs make Bugatti lose 6.24 million US dollars (about RMB 43.87 million) for every vehicle sold by Bugatti. However, this situation has been reversed with the introduction of Chiron. < / P > < p > facing the future, Winckelmann is very optimistic about Bugatti’s development. He said that 2020 may be the best year in history for Bugatti. Global Tech