I don’t know how many people are like pepper. Now when you open Weibo, you can only see the hot news on it, but almost never comment on it. Because I was really scared by the atmosphere in the message area. There are too many KY’s and arguments, inexplicable accusations and unreasonable insults. Maybe you’re just used to typing without punctuation, and you’ll be labeled “never attended school.”. < / P > < p > later, pepper accidentally got to a group on reddit, and finally felt the true feelings of the world in cyberspace. < / P > < p > it’s called “made me smile” and is dedicated to sharing “the little things that make you smile and make your day active.”. < p > < p > since its establishment on August 10, 2012, it has attracted more than 2.5 million netizens to join, and thousands of people are active in it every day, telling their happiness and moving. < / P > < p > the daily routine of the family is also inspiring: “grandma has a cooking YouTube channel, and today I told her that her channel has four new fans, and she is very happy.” < / P > < p > “in the past July, my father was killed by the new coronavirus. I came across an old picture of him tying my bow tie at the ball, and I helped him sort it out to make him look as fashionable as ever. I miss him and I’m grateful to have such memories. ” < / P > < p > there are also stories that always make people laugh and feel like crying. On the one hand, they are tender posts, on the other hand, they are also because you can always receive the affection from other strangers in the comment area. < / P > < p > the daughter later posted the photo on social network and wrote: “Dad is a cleaner, he is my pride. I love you, Dad < / P > < p > in one video, a dog screams with excitement when he sees a portrait of his dead brother, and then when he realizes that it’s just a picture, he’s silent, sad and confused. < / P > < p > “grandmother died in 2001. A few years later, I went shopping at the grocery store and saw a cashier who looked like a young grandmother. I told her that she reminded me of my grandmother and I couldn’t help choking < / P > < p > a netizen shared a post. The owner asked, “I have a very serious anxiety disorder. I want to try saibaiwei. Can anyone teach me how to order a sandwich from there?” < / P > < p > in a hostile community, it’s not hard to imagine that this post would be interpreted as: you’re not fishing, are you? No one else hasn’t eaten subway, has he? No, no, no? < p > < p > paprika followed this post and finally found it in another group called “no stupid questions.”. < / P > < p > don’t be embarrassed by your curiosity. Everyone has questions, and you may feel uncomfortable asking someone, but here you are not judged for asking them. Everyone here is willing to help. All the questions are welcome. < / P > < p > in real life, it’s embarrassing to ask these questions, let alone how many strangers will ridicule them on the Internet. < p > < p > looking at these contents, it seems that they have regained the happiness of making pen pals by email when they just learned to surf the Internet. It also seems that they have returned to the original intention of social networking on the Internet. < / P > < p > the network that brings people closer has never been for the convenience of keyboard man to output malice more wantonly, but for making more people find the same kind, belonging and even the warmth and encouragement from a stranger. < / P > < p > in retrospect, it is ridiculous to think about it. In today’s Internet, sharing feelings and happiness has become a stream of clean water on the B side. The release and download schedule of Microsoft Flight Simulation varies from region to region