From September 25 to 26, Lanzhou University of science and technology, together with Tsinghua University, Harbin Institute of technology, Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics and other 10 organizations, held the “forum on research and application of advanced welding and joining technologies for heterogeneous materials” in Lanzhou. “This forum focuses on the development and application of advanced technologies for welding and joining of heterogeneous materials, and experts and scholars in the field of copolymerization welding discuss the future development trend of welding and joining and the important scientific and key technical problems to be solved urgently.” Ding Husheng, deputy secretary of the Party committee of Lanzhou University of technology, said. Ding Husheng said that welding is an important part of advanced manufacturing and an important field of mechanical science. At present, the requirements of welding manufacturing in modern engineering field are increasing, and the development of welding technology is also facing new challenges. The meeting has an important role in promoting the development of welding and connection technology in China in the new era, and has important guiding significance for forming an important breakthrough in key advanced manufacturing technology and promoting industrial optimization and upgrading. Ma Shiguang, vice president of the technology innovation strategic alliance of China’s nonferrous metals industry, said that the meeting invited representatives of some scientific and technological units that have been engaged in basic connection technology research for many years, as well as experts and scientific and technological personnel who have been working in the first line of welding technology for a long time to share with you, and compiled and printed a rich collection of papers, conference reports and papers The content of this paper involves many topics of welding specialty. Ma Shiguang expressed the hope that through in-depth exchanges and discussions between experts and enterprise representatives, the school enterprise cooperation can overcome technical problems and improve the overall level of China’s welding professional technology level in the material discipline. < p > < p > the meeting mainly focused on five topics: new methods and new theories of welding technology, welding metallurgical behavior and interface control, welding structure design and reliability evaluation, additive manufacturing and Wiener connection. More than 380 experts and scholars from 113 universities, scientific research institutes, societies and enterprises in the field of welding and connection in China attended the meeting. Welding is not only an important field of mechanical science, but also an important part of advanced manufacturing. It is one of the main ways to realize lightweight and functionalization from large structure to small Wiener device. It is of great significance to realize green environmental protection, energy conservation and emission reduction of equipment manufacturing. < p > < p > the meeting gathered many domestic experts and scholars in the field of welding and connection to discuss the key technology and scientific problems of “neck sticking” to be solved urgently in welding and connection, as well as the future development trend, so as to accelerate the construction of regional innovation system and the development of green ecological industry in Gansu Province. Chen Yuhua, director of Jiangxi Key Laboratory of Aeronautical component forming and connection, said that experts, entrepreneurs and other experts had in-depth exchanges on welding and connection technology of heterogeneous materials, understood relevant major technical problems, and increased communication and exchange between universities and enterprise institutes, which would play a promoting role in accelerating the research and dialogue application of new technologies for heterogeneous materials. Chinese version of K-car: reading a10e design drawing exposure