According to media reports, the annual meeting and exhibition of China Society of automotive engineering 2020 (saecce 202010) was held in Shanghai Automobile Exhibition Center on 27 October. < p > < p > with “automobile plus, collaborative innovation” as the theme, this conference focuses on new energy vehicle technology, intelligent network connected vehicle technology and key common automobile technology, and deeply discusses how to rapidly promote technological innovation and reshape the new industrial pattern. < / P > < p > according to the road map planning, by 2035, the sales of energy-saving vehicles and new energy vehicles will account for 50% respectively, and the automobile industry will realize the electric transformation, and the fuel cell ownership will reach about 1 million vehicles; < / P > < p > this is also close to the current technical planning route of major automobile enterprises, and more domestic manufacturers have begun to actively introduce 48V light hybrid technology. In terms of energy consumption of energy-saving vehicles, the average fuel consumption of new passenger cars (including new energy) will reach 2L / 100km, traditional energy vehicles (excluding new energy vehicles) will be 4L / 100km and hybrid electric vehicles will be 4L / 100km by 2035. < / P > < p > by 2035, more than 150 million slow filling piles (including free piles and public piles) and 1.46 million public fast charging ports (including special vehicles) will be built. Global Tech