In a large number of fresh hand-held, back and forth in the community of riders, there appeared the figure of Zhongtong express. Recently, a reporter from Beijing Business Daily found that Zhongtong express outlets are cooperating with Lingxian life, a new community fresh group buying platform, to provide door-to-door delivery services. Currently, it is being piloted in yaojiayuan District, Chaoyang District, Beijing. The relevant person in charge of Zhongtong said that the cooperation is only the self exploration of local outlets.

this is not the first time that Zhongtong has set foot in community group buying. According to public data, in 2018, sounongfang, a local brand of community group buying in Changsha, cooperated with China Telecom to set up delivery points at post stations. However, can the courier really realize the transformation to the identity of community leader? Fresh and easy to wear and tear characteristics of their distribution capacity put forward higher requirements.

a reporter from Beijing Business Daily found that the products sold on the platform at present include vegetables and fruits, rice and flour, cereals and oils, dairy products and wine drinks. From the price point of view, Lingxian’s vegetables and fruits are attracting customers with low prices. For example, 950-1050g round eggplant costs 1.99 yuan, while in dingdong shopping platform, the price of 500g round eggplant is 3.8 yuan, and that of 600g yuan eggplant per day is 3.9 yuan.

according to Tianyan survey, Lingxian life belongs to Beijing Lingxian life Agricultural Technology Co., Ltd., which was established on May 20, 2020. Its business scope includes undertaking exhibitions, conference services, selling daily necessities and edible agricultural products.

the staff of Lingxian life told Beijing Business Daily that after cooperating with Zhongtong network, the goods will be delivered by couriers. The reporter placed an order after 11:00 a.m., but found that the time of receiving the goods was about 5:00 p.m. of the next day, which did not reach the platform’s so-called “order after 10 o’clock and delivery in the morning of the next day”. The staff explained that at present, the platform is still in the testing stage, and can only place an order on the same day and deliver it in the afternoon of the next day.

the courier of door-to-door delivery told the Beijing Business Daily that their delivery time is at 4:00 p.m., “now we can run more than ten orders a day, and the income can reach more than 100 yuan, and the income of one order is several times higher than the delivery fee. Because the express delivery is put in the rookie station, so you can take time to deliver fresh food to your door. “.

not only that, the courier also showed the leader’s QR code and invited reporters from Beijing Commercial Daily to scan. It is understood that the head of Lingxian’s life can reach 8-10 points.

a cooperation between Lingxian life and logistics enterprises can effectively solve the problem of performance in the short term and achieve the maximum capacity of transportation, while the courier can reach more potential customers in the distribution, so as to penetrate the mail business in the region. In the view of the industry, such an experiment is happy to see its success. However, some people have raised many questions about whether the courier is really suitable to be the head of the community.

Li Botao, vice president of Guangdong liumu supermarket company, believes that the team leader is a neighbor in the community and can obtain a high degree of trust. Secondly, they have plenty of time. In addition to building a group for drainage, they also need to constantly carry out product promotion and after-sales service in the group. On the other hand, whether they can achieve the service ability required by the head of the team, instead of just completing the delivery work, remains to be considered.

Zhao Xiaomin, an express expert, is worried about the after-sales problems caused by the liquidity of couriers. “Once the courier in charge of this area leaves, what should he do with the customer base he is in charge of? If the goods are damaged or rotten, customers may also encounter after-sales disputes. Compared with express delivery, because fresh food is easy to wear and tear, it also puts forward higher requirements for the delivery capacity of express delivery brother. ”

for couriers, what is reflected behind the willingness of part-time fresh riders is still the situation in which logistics enterprises compete homogeneously with price war, thus squeezing the profit space of local outlets, and exploring how to break through the differentiation of service products and enhance the value-added space.

in June this year, the rookie post station proposed to be upgraded to a digital community life service station. On the basis of single sending and receiving express delivery, group buying, laundry, recycling and other services were superimposed to create a living and consumption space in the community. However, it can be expected that if the stationmaster takes the post of head of the team, it will certainly jump out of the simple management of express delivery and other contents, and add the ability of interpersonal communication and product operation and maintenance.

in fact, although this is only the behavior of local outlets, China Telecom has already set foot in the city wide transportation business of fresh food and explored. On July 26, Zhongtong yuncang technology announced that the one-stop service of providing transportation scheme for fresh food has entered 10 cities such as Beijing and Shanghai. However, in terms of intra city 2C distribution, relevant persons in charge of Zhongtong once introduced to Beijing Commercial Daily that the front-end warehouse will not be rebuilt with heavy cost, and the main purpose is to use the remaining space of the network for storage. Distribution capacity is working with third-party companies to use their capacity.

“under the test of an epidemic situation, we can see that the current fresh and cold chain facilities in China are still at a basic level, so they have become the key development field of the state, which also causes logistics enterprises to seize this” cake, “said Zhao Xiaomin.” although there is a large space, the cost and cost of investment are also high, and how to divide the interests among enterprises is also involved Questions. ”

so, after the pilot community group purchase in individual outlets of Zhongtong, can we have the opportunity to copy it in a large scale? Zhao Xiaomin believes that both platform and logistics enterprises must build a national supply chain system to develop in scale, otherwise it is difficult to form standards and share resources, so as to control costs and ensure timeliness and safety. “This is an area that requires a lot of money.”

looking at the development of community group buying in recent years, Li Botao frankly said that, to a certain extent, the epidemic forced people to consume online, which saved the lives of many enterprises. “In 2017, community group buying was just a folk exploration. After being paid attention to by capital in 2018, it developed rapidly. However, in the first half of 2019, the tuyere will be weak at once. “. According to the data, some platforms, such as squirrels, you, me, you and so on, had obtained tens of millions or even hundreds of millions of US dollars of investment at that time. However, in the second half of 2019, there were mergers and acquisitions, business restructuring or bankruptcy. In 2020, the group buying enterprises such as Xingsheng group, Shihui group and life in the same city will get huge investment again.

“the community group buying business is divided into four parts, namely, supply chain, technology platform, social system and performance ability. Theoretically, the cooperation between Lingxian life and China Telecom has solved the problem of performance, but the first three also need to invest a lot of resources to operate,” said Li. “Since there is still demand in the market, there are still many enterprises entering this track The profit model of community group buying is not so clear, and the retention rate is still difficult. It can be seen that the purchase rate of these platforms has decreased a lot after the normalization of epidemic control. For community group buying, product satisfaction and timeliness commitment will be the core of customer retention. ”

no matter whether the outlets explore new business on their own, or the headquarters carry out scale layout in some business formats, after entering 2020, China Telecom will continue to add new cooperation and business while making up for the shortcomings in the logistics link.

at the end of July, according to relevant media reports, Zhongtong express outlets will purchase about 30000 sets of intelligent express cabinets laid by Riri Shunle home in China. Data shows that Riri shunlejia is a convenient service platform for smart community under Haier Group. In this regard, a senior express expert analyzed to the Beijing Business Daily reporter that Fengchao has become the largest in the country at present. Although it is open to many enterprises, according to the calculation of 0.3-0.5 yuan charged by each slot, the express enterprises will spend a lot of costs on this.

“Zhongtong has a high business volume, so it is very necessary to operate express cabinets by itself in the form of acquisition, in view of the increasing trend of express volume in the future.” In addition, in his opinion, the express cabinet itself carries more imagination space. In addition to sending express, including storing documents, meals, and adding fresh-keeping functions, you can try.

in addition to supplementing the terminal logistics infrastructure, ZTE is also involved in live broadcasting in warehouses in a cooperative way. At the end of July, Zhongtong cloud business, Zhongtong cloud warehouse and yiqibroadcast, a live e-commerce platform, signed a strategic cooperation. For goods sold through warehouse broadcast, the express delivery time limit was increased to 1-2 days, and the goods could be received on the earliest day.

in the first quarter’s financial report, Zhongtong expects to complete 15.9-16.4 billion business volume in 2020, and realize adjusted net profit of 5.39-5.83 billion yuan. This means that the business volume in the next three quarters will increase by 37% – 42% year-on-year, and the adjusted net profit will increase by 10% – 20% year-on-year.