Mr. Jiang, a citizen of Zigong, Sichuan Province, received a so-called express refund call, and was invited to enter a “refund” QQ group. After a voice call with the other party for about 3 hours, he was originally “handling” the business of refunding more than 100 yuan to Mr. Jiang, but finally became Mr. Jiang. Under the “command” of the other party, he transferred money to several unfamiliar accounts for 14 times, totaling more than 50 yuan Million. On the afternoon of November 4, Mr. Jiang presented himself to the Red Star News reporter about the whole process of his being cheated, and made a reflection and summary: “the first layer of defense is the most important. As long as a stranger transfers money to you or asks you to transfer money, hang up first, ask your family members or even consult 110, so as to identify the authenticity.” Mr. Jiang said that he hoped to make more people raise their awareness of prevention and guard against being cheated. At about 2:00 p.m. on October 24, Mr. Jiang, who lives in Ziliujing District, Zigong City, was working on advertising design beside the computer, “this is the last sprint of three consecutive months’ work”. At this time, Mr. Jiang’s rarely used mobile phone rings, and the caller ID is a strange number. The other party claims to be the claim center of a certain express company, and asks Mr. Jiang whether there is any express lost and needs to be compensated. Just a few days ago, Mr. Jiang delivered a mobile phone charger with a value of more than 50 yuan through the company. He didn’t receive it after three or four days. He also complained to the authorities. < / P > < p > “I thought I was dealing with that complaint, so I believed it.” Mr. Jiang said that the other party pulled him to a “refund center” QQ group, and after learning about the express information, he said he could refund more than 100 yuan. After that, the other party sent a QR code and asked Mr. Jiang to scan the code to collect the money. However, after the scan code input the mobile phone number, it can not be verified, and the other side, on this grounds, instruct Mr. Jiang to revalidate the way with Alipay scanning code. Then, the other party informed Mr. Jiang that if the verification was successful and the refund was received, the funds in the account should be kept in circulation, that is, the funds should be transferred to other accounts. “Under normal circumstances, I feel there is a problem when I listen to it, but at that time, the whole person is ignorant, as if possessed by a demon, and completely listened to his command.” Mr. Jiang told Red Star News reporter that the whole process of the call lasted about 3 hours. He operated his mobile phone under the guidance of QQ voice. He transferred his 3800 yuan to his designated account number, and also operated the network loan business through multiple loan platforms on Alipay. He transferred all the money he borrowed to the designated accounts he sent to him. < / P > < p > Why did the fraud involving only “refund more than 100 yuan” eventually lead to the victim’s loss of more than 500000 yuan? In this regard, Mr. Jiang made a self reflection and summary. Mr. Jiang said: first of all, he spent more than 50 yuan to buy the charging head on the Internet, but it was not received in three or four days. However, it was finally confirmed that because the phone number of my sister was retained, the goods were put into another store due to poor communication with the courier, so I thought that I was “confiscated” and complained to the official of the express company. Secondly, when receiving a strange phone call, the individual automatically connected the complaint with the “refund phone” and subconsciously chose to trust the other party. Mr. Jiang said: since the first line of defense has collapsed (trusting the other party), then he is completely led away by the other party. The other party claims that in order to get the refund smoothly, it must ensure the circulation of funds, otherwise the channel of refund will be locked up and the refund cannot be carried out. This statement led me to further believe in the other side’s account transfer; in fact, in this link, I can avoid being cheated.

Mr. Jiang said: in the early stage of the transfer, I have received a robot call from Alipay, to remind that I may encounter telecommunications fraud, we must be vigilant. But I don’t think so. At the same time, it is reasonable to say that many transfers and loans should be found out and stopped, so as to reduce the loss. However, the whole person still does not wake up and is confused. This has something to do with my “trust each other”. I think that no matter how much money is transferred in the past, we can always find the express company to return it, which eventually leads to heavy losses. Mr. Jiang is 37 years old and runs a small advertising design and production company. His family is not rich. As for the problem of how to repay the more than 500000 yuan that was cheated away through the Internet loan, he said frankly that the amount of more than 500000 yuan was equivalent to the family’s income for three or four years, which was very painful. Because Mr. Jiang’s life experience is relatively rich and he has experienced hard times, through self-regulation and family comfort, his mentality is still good so far. “If there is no money, people will still be there. If they have lost money, they will be able to earn money in the past few years for nothing, and now they will earn money to pay off debts.”. < / P > < p > “I think I have a sense of prevention, but I am still cheated in the face of deception.” Mr. Jiang told reporters that the previous Telecom fraud routine was simple and easy to distinguish, but when he was in the scam, it was really “under control”. He also hopes to make more people raise their awareness of prevention and guard against being cheated. As long as it is a stranger to transfer money or let you transfer money, hang up first and then, ask your family members or even dial 110 for consultation to identify the authenticity. < / P > < p > “this case is very typical and incredible.” Liu Xiongyu, deputy director of Wuxing Street police station of Ziliujing branch of Zigong City Public Security Bureau in Sichuan Province, said that after receiving the police report and understanding the basic situation, the police had some doubts. From refund to transfer, and then to multiple transfers, is the victim not alert? Will you call the fake police? However, after many investigations and verification, the alarm is true. According to preliminary statistics, the victim, Mr. Jiang, transferred money to several unfamiliar accounts for 14 times, totaling more than 500000 yuan, according to the request of the other party during the three-hour call. At present, the police are fully investigating the case. < p > < p > for this case, Liu Xiongyu analyzed that the way of telecommunication fraud changed rapidly and had many patterns, which made people’s air defense defenseless. Even the people with high awareness of prevention did not dare to guarantee that they would not fall into the trap. Therefore, in order to avoid being deceived, we should first of all remember the old saying that “pie will not fall from the sky”. Secondly, we should have multiple minds. We should think of “verifying the authenticity” in everything. As long as “money” is involved, we must consult relatives, friends and even the police? Should it be transferred? Can you turn it? ” The release and download schedule of Microsoft Flight Simulation varies from region to region