Amazon’s approval to operate its prime air delivery drone fleet is a milestone that will allow it to expand the range and speed of unmanned parcel delivery, the Federal Aviation Administration said on Monday. The FAA said the approval would give Amazon extensive authority to deliver packages to customers safely and efficiently;. FAA certification is based on the Federal Aviation Administration’s 135 regulations, which give Amazon the ability to carry property on small UAVs that are out of sight of the operator. < / P > < p > Amazon started testing delivery drones in 2013, aiming to deliver packages to customers’ homes in 30 minutes or less. Last August, the company filed a petition asking the FAA to approve the plans. Amazon said in the petition that early deliveries would be concentrated in areas with low population density and that packages would weigh five pounds or less. < / P > < p > at last year’s Re: Mars conference, the company launched a new electric delivery UAV, which can deliver packages under 5 pounds to customers in half an hour and fly 15 miles in a row. Jeff Wilke, Amazon’s global consumer chief executive, said at the time that the drone could be used by the company to deliver packages within a few months. < / P > < p > Amazon is not the only company seeking to expand commercial UAV delivery. In April last year, wing of alphabet became the first UAV delivery company to obtain the approval of the FAA for commercial delivery in the United States. UPS was approved by the FAA in October last year to operate a UAV fleet as an airline. IPhone 12 whole family barrel model exposed: it’s a tribute to iPhone 4