WhatsApp said on Tuesday that it would add a new shopping feature to its app as the Facebook instant messaging service hopes to attract more businesses and invite more users from its 2 billion user base to shop. The instant messaging platform, which has processed more than 175 million users, said it would add shopping carts to WhatsApp for users around the world in preparation for the holiday shopping season. < / P > < p > the purpose of shopping cart is to make it easier for consumers to buy a variety of goods from one enterprise, and to better track order inquiries and manage requests. WhatsApp says companies that have recently tested the feature have responded well, so it is adding the new feature. On WhatsApp, users can now see the option to add items to their shopping cart. Once completed, the user will be able to send the order request as a message to the merchant. WhatsApp said the shopping cart will be launched today for global users. < / P > < p > in recent months, WhatsApp has added many features to its applications to enhance the business experience. It introduces a QR code, a dedicated shopping button, and the ability to share product links in chat. The platform also provides free storage space for businesses to carry their business information. < / P > < p > for WhatsApp, business success is critical. Despite its enormous influence, it has made little money at the moment. Users can use the SMS app for free, without advertising. But at least in emerging markets like India, it is expected to be a viable challenger to giants like Amazon and Wal Mart, where e-commerce is still in its infancy. < / P > < p > India happens to be the largest market for WhatsApp users, and several enterprises have launched e-commerce tours on WhatsApp. Dealshare, an Indian e-commerce start-up, said on Tuesday it had raised $21 million in a new round of financing. Dealshare’s life began with WhatsApp. But as business activities on WhatsApp become more popular, it could also pose a huge challenge to start-ups trying to operate in the same area. Global Tech