According to foreign media reports, Facebook has clarified its platform rules for the US presidential election. In a statement to the Wall Street Journal, the company said Facebook did not elaborate on the details of the policy. On Tuesday night local time, the policy became more important as the race between the two presidential candidates intensified. It is reported that Facebook made the statement after the trump campaign and Florida governor Ron de Santis announced that President trump was the winner of the state. At that time, the major media reported that trump was in the lead in Florida, but had not yet declared victory. Two hours before Facebook announced the clarification, the Wall Street Journal questioned the announcement of Florida’s victory by some Republicans on the platform. This clarification will allow candidates or their key supporters to declare the winner of the battlestate in the event that the outcome is actually controversial. < / P > < p > “a policy that doesn’t apply to individual states is of little use in a contest that may only target one state,” points out Alex Stamos, director of Stanford Internet Observatory and former chief security officer of Facebook. Facebook said the company’s plan was to respond to an early call for the final outcome of the presidential campaign, “for other posts, we are using tags to guide people to the voting information center.” Global Tech