Facebook and tiktok have blocked labels used to spread misinformation and conspiracy theories about the presidential election. < / P > < p > on Facebook, blocked tags include “stop the steel,” which is widely used for groundless claims of election fraud against people, and “sharpiegate,” which mistakenly refers to the use of Sharpie markers, resulting in Trump’s vote not being counted in Arizona. Tiktok masked “sharpiegate”, “stopthesteal”, and the more general term “riggedeletion”. Both groups of masked tags were found by techcrunch. < / P > < p > although twitter doesn’t seem to block any labels for election conspiracy theories, the company has been adding warning labels to some tweets that may contain inaccurate information. Other tweets were posted to encourage readers to learn more about election security. < / P > < p > the regulation of these conspiracy focused labels is part of a broader effort by social platforms this week to quickly eliminate misinformation surrounding elections. Twitter has actively labeled Trump’s tweets, which claim to be fraudulent or misrepresent the way votes are counted. < / P > < p > Facebook added a similar tag and earlier on Thursday closed a group of 300000 people called stop the steal, including fraud claims without any supporting evidence. Facebook also said it “saw alarming calls for violence from members of the group.”. < / P > < p > tiktok said blocking the labels was “part of its normal regulation and approach to misinformation, hate speech and other content that violates our guidelines.”. The two tags were removed because “content with these tags often violates our misleading information policy,” a spokesman told the verge. < / P > < p > Twitter has been “actively monitoring stop the steal and related tweets since Tuesday morning and continues to monitor,” a spokesman told the verge. Twitter doesn’t normally block tags, but it may prevent tags that violate company content policies from becoming hot topics. The spokesman said the label also contained “a large number of negative comments across the United States.”. IPhone 12 whole family barrel model exposed: it’s a tribute to iPhone 4