Facebook on Tuesday widened the ban on qanon related content on its social platforms, deepening previous bans on qanon related groups that “discussed potential violence.”. Facebook’s move to ban not only violent content but also “any Facebook page, group and instagram account representing qanon” is an upgrade of the social giant’s clean-up platform before the increasingly controversial election. < p > < p > qanon is a huge organization interwoven with Pro trump conspiracy theories, which has taken root among American voters. Its more extreme followers, spurred by their insistence on this unusual and often incoherent belief system, acted in violent and dangerous ways and were accused of being. Buzzfeed news recently decided to call qanon a collective delusion;. < / P > < p > Facebook’s efforts to control qanon are helpful, but may well be too late. In the course of the past year, qanon has grown from a fringe conspiracy theory to a shocking mainstream political belief system – it even has its own congressional candidates. This growth is driven by the inherent design of social networks, which connect like-minded people, a feature that has been discovered time and again to spread misinformation and lead users to increasingly radical beliefs. < p > < p > in July, twitter took its own action against qanon, citing concerns about offline harm. The company took qanon’s content off the shelves and removed it from trend pages and algorithm suggestions. Twitter’s policy change, like Facebook’s previous policy, did not directly ban the content, but did take action to curb its spread. < / P > < p > other companies, such as alphabet’s YouTube products, have been similarly criticized by external observers. (YouTube says it has tweaked the algorithm to better filter out the dark banks in the content mix, but the results of this experiment are far from conclusive. )< / P > < p > Facebook’s new rules came into effect on Tuesday, and the company said in a press release that it was now “removing content,” but that efforts to clear qanon “will take time.”. < / P > < p > what drives Facebook’s change? According to the company, after it removed the violent qanon content, it saw “other qanon content linked to different forms of real-world harm, including the recent claim that the West Coast wildfires were caused by certain groups.”. How Facebook will effectively clean up qanon related content on its various platforms is unclear, but it will be tracked content. Google said the proposed media negotiation rules would put its free services in Australia at “risk”