Facebook’s business model, which relies on personalized advertising, is being attacked by IOS 14 privacy changes, Facebook’s chief operating officer said on Tuesday;. These changes include a new feature that requires users to opt into tracking on a per application basis via identifier for advertiser, or IDFA tags. Although it was initially planned for a generic version of IOS 14, apple delayed the launch of the feature until 2021 after public protests from companies, including Facebook, that make most of their revenue from advertising services. David Fischer, Facebook’s chief financial officer, said in a digital speech on advertising week on Tuesday that the tools that & quot; entrepreneurs and businesses rely on are under threat & quot;. < p > < p > Fisher added: & quot; for me, Apple’s proposed changes are quite drastic and do the most harm to developers and businesses. &He specifically mentioned the changes in IDFA in IOS. < / P > < p > the Facebook executive also said the company plans to & quot; defend & quot; its own business model, which it believes is valuable in tracking users, which is quite different from Apple’s idea. Fisher calls Apple’s business & quot; the business of selling luxury hardware or subscription services, mainly for consumers like us, who are fortunate enough to have a lot of discretionary income in some of the world’s richest countries. &Facebook is not the only company to be worried about these changes, even though Apple has positioned these changes as a measure to support privacy. Media companies and publishers are preparing for changes to IDFA, and in September, a group representing the advertising industry urged a dialogue on the proposed features;. Chinese version of K-car: reading a10e design drawing exposure