Facebook has announced it will donate 1 million pounds to Bletchley Park, the UK’s coalition password cracking centre during World War II, which now operates as a museum. The brechelli Park trust is a registered charity. In August, the agency announced it was facing a 2 million pound income gap due to a drop in the number of visitors due to the new crown pandemic. Due to the decline in revenue (95% of annual revenue), the park announced that it would consider laying off 35 employees, accounting for one-third of the total number of employees. Facebook’s donation will save some of these jobs, but it’s not clear how many. < / P > < p > Facebook said it made the donation in recognition of brechelli park’s “continuing heritage as the birthplace of modern computers.”. The cryptographers and mathematicians at the park not only cracked the Nazi term “Enigma,” which some historians say reduced the duration of the war by two to four years, but also made key theoretical and engineering breakthroughs. These include the birth of the world’s first programmable digital computer, Colossus, and the work of the British mathematician Alan Turing, who is regarded as the father of modern computer science and artificial intelligence. At its peak, the operation involved about 10000 employees, of whom about 75% were women. < / P > < p > “all of us, including Facebook, have benefited a lot from the historic achievements of Alan Turing and the brechelli garden team, and we are happy to help protect this spiritual home of modern computing.” Steve Hatch, Facebook’s Nordic vice president, said in a news statement. The UK is Facebook’s largest engineering center outside the US, with more than 3000 employees, more than half of whom work in engineering. Iain standen, chief executive of brechelli Park, said in a news statement that he was “very grateful to facebook” for the donation. “With this significant support, the trust will be better able to operate in the ‘new world’ and continue to open the door for the next generation,” standen said Global Tech