In an announcement on Thursday, the Facebook security team unexpectedly revealed the true identity of apt32. As one of the most active hacker organizations in recent years, it is said that it has unclear relations with Vietnam. But after being found using social platforms to spread malware and try to infect users, Facebook has decisively banned the so-called “cyberone security” account associated with apt32. < p > < p > gleicher and dvilyanski added that the way apt32 works on Facebook is to create relevant accounts and pages through fictitious characters, often disguised as activists or business entities. After that, apt32 can gradually penetrate into the target network through other decoys. Try to upload further links to the official app, such as Google’s play app, or even the phishing organization. < p > < p > it is believed that apt32 has been in operation as early as 2014, sometimes referred to as oceanlotus by the outside world, but its previous actions have been somewhat chaotic. However, as the previously published contact information has become grey, the foreign media can not contact the cyberone spokesperson for the time being, and the e-mail consultation request sent out has also been returned. Google said the proposed media negotiation rules would put its free services in Australia at “risk”