According to foreign media MS poweruser, Facebook had predicted that the period after the US presidential election would be a period of maturity for false news and false information, but the company is likely to believe that this will only last for a few days, not months. On November 4, the company suspended all political advertisements to prevent them from being used to manipulate voters after voters have cast their votes, which could exacerbate tensions and lead to avoidable conflicts. < / P > < p > in the United States, the temporary suspension of advertising on political and social issues will continue as part of our ongoing efforts to protect elections. Advertisers can expect this to continue for another month, although there may be an opportunity to revive the ads earlier. According to foreign media, this opportunity is probably Donald Trump’s surrender to Joe Biden. Otherwise, it is expected that the result of the electoral college in mid December will have the final say on this issue. Conservative voices have accused the social networking company of silencing their voices and siding with Biden’s campaign. However, Facebook said its internal monitoring tools are also beginning to record an increase in “violence and Sedition trends,” and the company has banned what it calls violence advocacy groups. Global Tech