Before federal and state investigators filed full antitrust charges against Facebook in federal courts this month, lawyers for the company told investigators it could take steps to promote competition, according to sources. According to the source, Facebook lawyers told investigators that the company could license its code and user network to another company to help a new social networking company get started. < / P > < p > although Facebook’s proposal was eventually rejected, it shows what the company is willing to give up to get rid of the lawsuit. After being formally charged, Facebook denied the charges of anti competitive behavior. < / P > < p > part of the focus of the lawsuit is the concept of network effects, which describes that as a social network grows larger, its “Stickiness” to users will also increase. For example, once most of a user’s friends and family members join a social network, the user is less likely to switch to a new platform with fewer users, even if the latter can provide some more desirable features. < / P > < p > Facebook’s above suggestions may not completely eliminate this impact. Regulators believe Facebook’s “persistence” comes not only from the company’s technology, but also from its position that has become ingrained in many people’s lives. < / P > < p > Facebook did not comment, but a spokesman for the company said in a statement: “we will continue to strongly defend the ability of people and businesses to choose to use our free services, advertising and apps because they bring value.” A spokesman for the U.S. Federal Trade Commission declined to comment, and representatives of New York’s attorney general, Leticia James, have yet to respond, leading a joint effort by state prosecutors to crack down on Facebook. The report shows that the number of app store purchases soared in the first half of this year due to the impact of covid-19