Facebook said on Tuesday that it had removed hundreds of fake accounts from Russia and France targeting North Africa and the Middle East. The deletion occurred before the December 27 election in the Central African Republic. Facebook has pulled down accounts that publish news and current events on the grounds that they violate rules prohibiting foreign or government intervention, as well as misleading others in terms of purpose and identity. < p > < p > Facebook said it was the first time it had seen influential actions involving each other by commenting on other people’s posts or criticizing each other’s false behavior. “Facebook’s account revocation marks a rare exposure in two different countries competing for influence over third countries,” graphika and Stanford Internet Observatory reported on Tuesday. This highlights how the geopolitical struggle in Africa is synchronized on social media – not just Facebook, but also twitter, youtube and the long news articles written by these actions. ” < p > < p > Facebook said it had seized three networks of fake accounts, one of which was linked to the French military. So far, it has removed 84 facebook accounts, six pages, nine groups and 14 instagram accounts from France, once the Central African Republic. The accounts, disguised as locals, made comments in support of the French army and said Russia might intervene in topics such as elections in the Central African Republic. < p > < p > Nathaniel gleicher, who is in charge of Facebook’s network security policy, said at a news conference that Facebook’s French business has been operating since 2018, but the company could not disclose how many people were involved. “We have no evidence of institutional or command control from the military leadership.” < / P > < p > about 5000 accounts followed at least one such Facebook page, about 1600 accounts joined at least one such group, and about 200 people followed at least one such instagram account. < / P > < p > in addition, Facebook has removed two fake account networks related to the past activities of Russia’s Internet Research Institute (IRA), which was notorious for intervening in the 2016 US presidential election. The company removed 63 facebook accounts, 29 pages, 7 groups and 1 instagram account from Russia, which focused on the Central African Republic. These accounts released news about the new coronavirus and the upcoming elections in the Central African Republic. The second network of fake accounts related to Russia, mainly in Libya, Sudan and Syria, involved 211 facebook accounts, 126 pages, 16 groups and 17 instagram accounts, all of which were deleted by Facebook. < / P > < p > it is not clear why Russia’s and France’s influence actions will affect each other. In some cases, Russian and French actions will post in the same community or narrate the Central African Republic in the opposite way. In other cases, these accounts add friends to each other and enlarge each other’s posts, which graphika’s report calls “a bit confusing.”. “This may be to portray these jets as rational users who can see both sides of the story, or to embellish their sincerity as false news reporters,” the report said Apple extends AppleCare + purchase period: users can decide within 60 days