Facebook said on Thursday that the Republican political action committee “committee to defend the president” had repeatedly shared false content and decided to temporarily ban the Committee from advertising, according to external fact checkers.

Facebook spokesman Andy Stone said in a statement: “due to the fact that CDP has repeatedly shared content deemed false by third-party fact checkers, the committee will not be able to advertise on our platform for some time.”

Facebook does not conduct fact checking on the advertisements and posts of politicians. This policy has attracted criticism from members of Congress, but the content published by political groups such as the Political Action Committee (PAC) needs to be verified. In fact, there have been a total of 1 million “like” content on Facebook since it was published. The committee was first established in 2013, when it was called “stop Hillary PAC.”. According to its website, the CDP has spent more than $15 million to advance president Donald Trump’s agenda. Millions of Americans claim to be able to reach the CDP through the telemarketing channel.

it is also reported that the campaign team of presidential candidate Joe Biden wrote to Facebook last year asking the company to reject an advertisement for CDP on the ground of false content.