Facebook modified its news feed algorithm in 2017 to reduce the visibility of left leaning news sites such as Mother Jones on its platform < / P > < p > but Ben, editor in charge of growth and strategy at Mother Jones Dreyfuss said that in a number of meetings with Facebook executives in 2017 and 2018, the executives assured them that, while traffic may decline, it will not decline in a way that is beneficial or detrimental to any one publication or a category of publishers. < p > < p > WSJ said that some of Facebook’s policy executives had expressed concerns in 2017 about the impending changes in news subscription algorithms, which they believed might have a greater impact on right leaning news websites such as daily wire. As a result, engineers have modified the algorithm, which has a greater impact on left leaning website traffic. < / P > < p > in 2019, the editor of Mother Jones wrote that the site’s Facebook user base had plummeted, losing about $600000 in 18 months. In a tweet Friday, CEO Monika Bauerlein said layoffs meant the company could not fill vacancies or launch projects. She added that she and the rest of Mother Jones did not believe that the site was specifically targeted. < / P > < p > to say that Facebook has a strained relationship with the news industry is a conservative statement. Its advertising business and the continuous adjustment of news sources have a direct economic impact on the industry, especially local news. < p > < p > it is understood that Mother Jones is an independent non-profit website founded in 1976, which conducts a large number of investigations into political corruption, private prisons and the environment. In September 2012, Mother Jones reported Mitt Romney’s comments on “47%”. A video shows that the Republican presidential candidate said in a private fundraising event that 47% of those who support President Obama have not paid income tax and will support him anyway. Romney said people rely on governments that think they are victims and that they believe it is the government’s responsibility to take care of them. However, Romney later clarified that his remarks were “totally wrong”. Global Tech

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