According to the Wall Street Journal, these tools, which have been used in so-called “high-risk” countries, will help slow the spread of viral content and curb potentially inflammatory posts. < / P > < p > Facebook has been trying to deal with all aspects of content regulation in its huge platform, which covers more than two billion people. Problems include the failure to prevent the re uploading of videos of the mass shooting in New Zealand, the blocking of false information on WhatsApp, and the spread of anti vaccine conspiracy theories on instagram. The world’s largest social network faces a tough battle to stop abuse. < p > < p > Facebook chief executive Mark Zuckerberg said in September that the US presidential election “will not be the same as usual”, and a few days later, he and his wife Priscilla Chan announced that they would invest $300 million in support of the US voting and electoral infrastructure before the November election. < p > < p > Facebook said in early October that it would remove content that tried to intimidate voters, including posts that encouraged people to conduct unauthorized voting observation. The company will also use notices and tags to guide users to accurate election results after the voting in November. Global Tech