Collab is an experimental application for Facebook to create collaborative music videos. After the internal test phase, it will be released in the app store today. The app is one of many projects by the NPE team, now in Facebook’s internal research and development group, which tests new ideas and could eventually affect Facebook’s next step in social media. Collab itself first appeared at the end of May, as the new epidemic forced users to stay at home and look for new ways of online entertainment. < / P > < p > for musicians, the epidemic meant a lack of live concerts, which used to be an important way for them to connect with their fans. In order to maintain these connections, they also turned to online platforms to try live concerts and impromptu concerts. At the same time, short videos headed by tiktok are also becoming popular. Tiktok also includes collaboration functions such as duets and splicing, so that unknown users can integrate each other’s content into their own content. < / P > < p > collab has entered the field, combining the collaborative aspects of short video and modern social media, but focusing directly on music. In this application, a & quot; CO shot & quot; is to select three 15 second long independent videos, overlay each other and play them synchronously. For example, a collection can consist of a guitarist, a drummer, and a singer who play each other in their own videos. Users can create a co shot video by playing someone else’s video. If you don’t have music experience, you can also choose a different video from three rows to co shoot. < / P > < p > when you open collab for the first time, you’ll see endless scrolls of these & quot; CO Productions & quot; and you can slide to find a video you want to join or mix. When you find people you like, you can collect them in the app so that you can be notified when they post new clips. This can also personalize the main feed. During the test, Facebook improved the app’s audio synchronization capabilities and other technical aspects. < / P > < p > the app itself will handle the complexity of audio and video synchronization by providing in app tools, and the resulting & quot; collage & quot; will be perfectly synchronized. Facebook has also tested collab with dozens of headphones and hardware configurations to optimize its various settings. Users can now even use an external audio interface to bring music from electronic instruments such as keyboards, guitars and drums into the recording. < / P > < p > the app does not offer direct integration with Facebook, but the company notes that musicians often use their Facebook profiles to post links to their various social media accounts, which may include their Facebook or instagram profiles or pages. However, videos you create in collab can be exported to other places via IOS share sharing, which means you can publish to your instagram story and even rival tiktok. As the spread range of video becomes wider and wider, the exported video will also be watermarked for attribution. Didi Qingju bicycle has entered 150 cities