Despite antitrust investigations in the US and Europe, social giant Facebook has launched a new feature designed to enhance the “interoperability” of its application suite. In the settings section of Facebook, instagram, and messenger apps, you’ll see an account center tool for consumers. It is designed to provide cross application connectivity and management, such as single sign on or Facebook pay payment experience. < / P > < p > in the account center, users can choose to turn on or off the one click login authentication option (for cross app login or account recall). In the new settings area, you can also adjust the way stories are published (such as whether they are pushed to Facebook and instagram at the same time). < / P > < p > Facebook pay is also expected to be introduced into accounts center later this year. In the U.S. market, for example, users will be able to enter payment information in one place and then use it in the new Facebook / instagram store (which also supports donations). < / P > < p > in addition, accounts center users do not need to publicly use the same identity on the entire platform, for example, they can keep their Facebook profile when using instagram for business promotion. < / P > < p > this feature may be more practical for users using the same identity on all platforms, as it allows users to synchronize profile photos between apps. < / P > < p > embarrassingly, recent reports have also revealed that Facebook is collecting data on its various apps extensively. Even if the company argues that it is doing so to create a more personalized experience (such as advertising). Global Tech