Facebook is continuing its media offensive in an attempt to force apple to stop its plans to restrict advertising tracking on the platform and has launched a new sub site to talk to small business owners about advertising tracking protection in IOS 14. An essay campaign on Facebook’s business page calls on readers to tell your story;. < / P > < p > small business owners can download a toolkit containing a framework and social media imaging tools to help express their views on Apple’s advertising tracking decisions. If the new app is launched at the beginning of 2021, Apple will be forced out of the app at the beginning of the year. The user will automatically choose to quit the advertisement tracking, and then a dialog box will prompt the user whether he or she would like to join. If you choose to join instead and place a selection dialog box in front of users, it may lead to a large number of ad tracking restrictions. Facebook believes this will directly affect its future revenue. < p > < p > Facebook’s small business blog suggests that small business owners should express their dissatisfaction and impact on their income on social media. The Post said it is necessary to collect everyone’s stories and publicize them to more people who know and don’t know in order to jointly fight against Apple’s upcoming action. &Voice for millions of small businesses affected by Apple updates;. The online campaign echoes Facebook’s offline full page newspaper ad for apple. Global Tech