According to foreign media reports, Austria’s Supreme Court has rejected Facebook’s appeal in a long-running case to delete slander against local politicians around the world during the ban. EVA gladischnig, a green party politician, successfully sued the social media giant and sought to delete the defamatory comments made against her. < / P > < p > after a preliminary ban in 2016, gladischnig won the right to delete defamatory Posts locally the following year, but she continued her legal battle to promote the deletion of similar posts worldwide. The issue was then referred to the European Court of Justice (cjeu). In an important decision last year, cjeu decided that it could instruct the platform to search for and delete illegal speech globally without violating European rules. European rules prohibit platforms from undertaking general content monitoring obligations. Now the decision of the Austrian Supreme Court naturally stems from this. < p > < p > the Austrian newspaper Der Standard reported that the Court confirmed that the ban applies globally, whether it is the same post or has the same essential meaning as the original defamatory post. < / P > < p > it is said that Austrian courts believe that EU Member States and civil courts need platforms like Facebook to monitor content in “exceptional circumstances.”. Global Tech