Facebook services around the world are failing, causing users of Facebook, Messenger, WhatsApp and instagram to either prompt errors, prevent users from publishing any content, or fail to work at all. < / P > < p > many users from the UK and many users in Europe have reported the same problem. But that’s not all. Portugal, Romania, the Middle East, India and some parts of South Asia have also reported the same problems. These users have been paralyzed for nearly 2 hours, but the service has not been affected in all areas. If you go to the down detector to check the status of Facebook, you will see the following status: < / P > < p > from this point of view, the European data center is most likely to have a problem. The affected areas are shown on the map, and you can see more areas after zooming in. < / P > < p > it’s not sure when a series of Facebook services will be restored, but it’s clear that it’s also affecting business users on workplace. A report on the Facebook workplace service status page also confirms the problem. < / P > < p > Facebook has no official statement that there has been a disruption. Users in some regions also said that not all services failed at the same time. WhatsApp and Facebook worked well, but messenger and instagram failed. Chinese version of K-car: reading a10e design drawing exposure